Microreactor Power Source

About the Project

The purpose of this project is to develop a new type of portable power source using microsystems technology that is superior to its competitors in type of fuel used, size and weight, security and its ability to work at low temperatures.

The "Microreactor power source" allows for increased energy density in small power sources and will be a substitute of Li batteries.

The Microreactor power source is based on microsystems technology Innovations include novel microsystem for fuel delivery, Heat recovery, Microfluidic cooling and Flame fuel oxidation.

The project aims to investigate Finnish, Danish and European market.

From an International business point of view this project attempts to accomplish the following objectives:

- to study and estimate the volume of the market.

- to investigate dynamics and niches for the new product.

From an engineering point of view this project attempts to accomplish the following objectives

- To simulate the working process of the device

- To determine the best way to cool the Thermo-Electric Generator (TEG)

- To investigate the temperature distribution in the device during the time after start

- To determine the best geometry for the cooling part

Our Team

Arturo López

HAMK Student



Reece Jager

VIA University Mechanical Engineering Student

+45 61692363