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About the Project

In rapidly developing world, innovative technologies make huge steps forward affecting different spheres of our life. Evidently, design is not exception. The Russian company Nitrostalin offers innovative art technology solutions for interior design of residential and public premises such as museums, schools, theatres, cinemas, cafes etc. The company introduced different solutions combining technologies from classical art to the latest achievements in the digital art. For instance, the design solutions for walls and floors may apply techniques of adding invisible fluorescent components into paints that glow when exposed to UV light or 3d paints.

The project aims at bringing knowledge of innovative art technology solutions to the Finnish market of interior design and providing Russian company with necessary data for entering Finnish market.

The project specific objectives as follows:

1) To study Finnish interior design market and market opportunities for innovative art technology

2) To advertise innovative art technology to the Finnish interior design companies

3) To collect necessary data on laws and regulations regarding setting up new business or legal entity for foreign residents and establishing of the Russian company branch office in Finland

4) To find Finnish potential partners for the new company or branch


Hope that you will be interested in this idea!

Our Team

Anastasiia Slavnikova

HAMK student