About the Project

The business idea of Addoz is to provide an innovative and intelligent system for dispensing medication in tablet form. A product portfolio will be developed consisting of an intelligent, reminding dispenser and an integrated service system offering automatic reminder calls for the patient and alert messages for care givers. The intelligent dispensing system will improve patient compliance with long-term medication and the safe use of medication, to reduce the risk of overdoses, diminish the risk of adverse reaction, as well as to save the care takers time and to give them peace of mind. The system allows monitoring of success and precision of medication via Internet and offers history reports of patient’s medicine taking. This information can later be used in planning patient care. Addoz Oy is a Finnish company with several years experience in medication dispensing Direct customers are home care companies, care homes and units in communes and cities, also units offering alcohol and substance abuse counceling services and pharmaceutical companies. Residential business is started with pharmacies, some department stores and net shops in Finland. The number of Addoz medication dispensers delivered into the market is almost 10.000.