UniClimate Dehumidifier

About the Project

A dehumidifier is an appliance which reduces the level of humidity in the air. This is generally used for controlling the comfort, health, odor in households. It is also used in commercial buildings such as ice rinks and indoor swimming pools, to control humidity levels. It works by extracting the water from the air, which is done by cooling it down, and allowing the moisture to condensate. The air is then reheated and then released back into the room, without the moisture. The initial cooling of the air works with the use of a compressor pumping refrigerant around coils of the cooling element, like in a fridge. Removing the heat from the air, allowing for the air to condensate.

More efficient system exists by take the heat that has been removed in cooling element, and reusing it in the heating element, when returning the dryer air back into the room. These systems measure changes in the rooms air conditions, and then adjust the compressor’s performance. This requires expensive parts and a complex automation system. Not running the compressor at its optimum efficiency level leads to higher losses.

An alternative solution to this is to disregard the control of the compressor. Instead, control the proportions of air in the mixing chamber, in real time. By making use of airflow controllers, therefore not requiring the expensive parts and complex automation system, and improving the energy efficiency.

We will work with the re-design of the exchange system, making the system easier and quicker to install. In the mean time also making the system more future proof and environmentally friendly.