About the Project

This app is for people who work in the elder care sector working with and nursing elder people in their homes and in public / private retirement homes. The app will be an important tool with administrating the daily tasks for the elder. Careworkers will have this app on their tablet and from here they can see important information about the elderly they attend. The app will send notifications to the other care workers who visits the same people. Always getting the latest information about the person.

The basic idea of the app and usage:

Personal profile: Each elderly person will have his or her own profile on the app. The profile will be visible for the careworker who is in charge of nursing the person. From here the careworker can see different kinds of information fx. Basic info such as name, age, address but also special needs or illnesses.

A planner system: From here the care workers can read and write tasks about the elderly. Tasks could be: meals for the elderly, and when they last got a meal, Time and amount of different kinds of medication, or perhaps the elderly needs help with an appointment. The staff can then check off the task when it is done. The app will also notify the staff if a task in the planner is missed. This part of the app will also be the most valuable for the staff.

A relative mode: This would be a “light” version of the app. Mainly for relatives but also the elder person himself. From this app relatives can see and monitor the daily tasks being completed. There would also be a small notification panel. Letting them message the careworker for special requests or questions. Finally relatives will receive an alarm in case of the SOS button being pushed.

Safety features: If the elderly has the light app on his phone. The app can track the person on the GPS. Notifying the staff or relatives if he leaves his home. Also on the light version – having a SOS button to alarm relatives. We would also want to incorporate a feature to detect if the person breathes when he is in his bed.

Our Team

Joey Rasmussen


Amalie Brøndum Sørensen